Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Presiding Bishop's Summer Message



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


This newsletter comes to you with every wish for a good Summer (what is left of it). I also pray that we begin our Fall planning filled with enthusiasm for God's holy church. In this brief newsletter, I hope to update you on the various activities of our diocese, national church and the Traditional Anglican Communion. This Fall promises to be a very busy one for your bishop and I will need your prayers. Please know of my prayers for you as well.


The Diocese of the Northeast




Please save the date. By the Grace of God, Mr. Stephen Peter Rugg will be ordained to the diaconate on Saturday, September 26 at Trinity Anglican Church in White River Junction, Vermont. The service will begin at 11:00 a.m., following which a catered lunch will be provided at the church. Trinity Church is meeting at the Valley Bible Church, 851 Fairview Terrace, White River Junction, Vermont. . Please RSVP:


Steve received his Master of Divinity degree from Boston College in May. He will be doing advanced graduate work in Biblical languages this coming year and expects to enter a doctoral program in 2016. Please pray for Steve and his family as he prepares to take this important step in his ministry


Synod in Brooklyn


St. Joseph's Anglican Church in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn has graciously offered to host our upcoming synod on October 1, 2 and 3. St. Joseph's church meets in a very historic building, which was built as an Episcopal Church in the Nineteenth Century. We thank the congregation for its long service to the diocese. Synod is a wonderful time for members of the diocese to gather, share worship and fellowship and conduct the business of the church. We encourage all delegates, alternates, clergy and laity to register as soon as possible. It is my understanding that the initial block of hotel rooms set aside for the synod has been nearly filled to capacity. If necessary, more rooms may be set aside, but to be safe, register soon. My thanks to Deacon Mark Black for his administrative expertise in handling the many details of the synod preparation. Many thanks, as well, to the parish community. A large number of parishioners come from Caribbean and Central America. The food from that region is superb. Those who attend synod are indeed in for a treat. See you there!


Synod Reports


Please send your synod reports to Allan Wylie when they are ready. Allan has, for the last five years, printed a superb booklet which includes all synod reports. This streamlines the reporting process and provides an excellent picture of the various diocesan activities. Allan asks that reports be submitted by mid September. This will allow time for printing and distribution.


St Luke's Camp


St. Luke's Camp will meet once again this year at Camp Ashmere in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. The dates are August 9-15. Again under the direction of Father Richard Dibble, St. Luke's Camp has long been popular with campers from throughout the diocese. While the registration deadline is long past, late registrations have been accepted in the past. If you know of any child who would enjoy and benefit from a week of Christian Camping, let Father Rich know.


The Anglican Church in America


House of Bishops and Executive Council


The House of Bishops will meet in Mystic, Connecticut on Tuesday, September 1. The Executive Council will meet on September 2 and 3. Mystic is a very popular venue and people from throughout the ACA are very excited to make the trip to the Diocese of the Northeast. The meeting of the Executive Council is open. Clerical and lay members from the diocese are welcome to attend. This will give you an insight into how the temporal and spiritual business of the church is conducted. Worship services will be held at the Meetinghouse in Olde Mystick Village. Daily Mass, along with morning and evening prayer will be celebrated. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Traditional Anglican Communion


Traditional Anglican Church, Latin American Province


Two new bishops will be consecrated in Central America this coming December. Both bishops will serve under Bishop Ruben Rodriguez, who has worked tirelessly to establish missions in remote areas of Central America. The two new suffragan bishops will assist Bishop Rodriguez in overseeing missionary work in Guatemala and El Salvador. On December 2, Bishop-elect Juan Sion Lobos with be consecrated in Guatemala. On December 3, Bishop-elect Santos Garcia Tista will be consecrated bishop in El Salvador. Bishops Marsh, Strawn and Garcia plan to assist in the consecrations. Three bishops from the Anglican Church in America plan to travel to Central America to assist in the consecrations.


A New Bishop for Africa


Father Mukuyamba has been elected to the episcopate and will be consecrated later this Fall in Zambia at a date to be determined. Bishop Michael Gill has alone served the TAC Africa since the death of Bishop Trevor Rhodes. We give thanks for the growth of the African ministry and pray for the Episcopal ministry of Bishop-elect Mukuyamba.


Episcopal Schedule


August 9. St. Luke's Camp. Hinsdale, Massachusetts.
August 30. St. Francis. Deblois, Maine. Episcopal Visit.
September 1-3. Executive Council and House of Bishops. Mystic, Connecticut.
September 13. St. Paul's, Portland, Maine. Episcopal Visit.
September 26. Trinity Church, White River Junction, Vermont. Ordination.
September 27. Saint Paul's Parish, Brockton, Massachusetts. Episcopal Visit.
October 1-3. St. Joseph's, Brooklyn, New York. Diocesan Synod.
October 10, 11. St. Elizabeth's, Tuxedo, New York. Episcopal visit.


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America