Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Presiding Bishop's Spring Message



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
A Blessed Eastertide to you all!


This newsletter comes to you with every good wish for a wonderful Springtime. Those of us in the Northeast certainly joy in the very pleasant weather we have been having over the past couple of weeks.


As we prepare for the Rogation Days and Ascensiontide, we pray for the care of God's earth and the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter who will lead us into all truth. We also offer our prayers for the Traditional Anglican Communion, the Anglican Church in America and the Diocese of the Northeast.


Traditional Anglican Communion


Fathers Santos Garcia Tista and Juan Sion Lobos have been approved by the College of Bishops for consecration to the episcopate. The Traditional Anglican Church, Latin American Province (TACLAP) has been an independent province of the TAC since 2008. This province has seen remarkable growth over the past decade. It is anticipated that the new bishops will eventually serve new dioceses in Central America. At least two ACA bishops will travel to Guatemala later this year to assist in the consecration of the two Bishops-elect. A year ago, Bishops Garcia, Strawn and myself met Fathers Santos and Lobos and are very pleased with their election to the episcopate. Please keep these fine men in your prayers.


Father Andrew Mukuyamba has been elected bishop of Zambia. He will be consecrated later this year as well. Africa has also experienced a great deal of growth over the past decade and the new Bishop-elect will have, we pray, a very productive ministry.


The TAC Concordat requires that the College of Bishops meet in formal session every seven years. The last meeting was held in 2012. However, because of numerous pressing issues, a meeting in 2016 has been tentatively scheduled. Lincoln, England has been suggested as a potential meeting location. One of the items on the agenda will be the election of a new Primate.


The Anglican Church in America


The House of Bishops and Executive Council met on April 21-23 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Church of the Epiphany was the host parish for the event. Canon Fred River, the rector of the parish, and his wife, Sara, provided superb hospitality. For those of us from the Northeast, the experience of ninety degree, sunny and dry weather was a real treat. We all escaped before the heat reached 110!


Issues discussed in the meetings were these:


  • Election of a Diocesan for the Diocese of the West. The Election Synod is planned for October, 2015
  • Proposals for the Educational Fund. Discussion centered around the support of individual seminarians vs. the development of week-long educational programs. Proposals were received for the support of men planning to attend seminary. It was decided that we would continue this discussion at future meetings seeking the best way or ways to serve the church.
  • Questions were raised about the status of the Church in India. It was suggested that a visit be made to New Delhi to review the situation.
  • The ACA budget showed a small surplus for FY '14. A greater surplus is anticipated for FY '15.


International Anglican Fellowship


The needs of our foreign missions are great. The IAF is doing superb work in assisting missionary programs in Africa and Latin America. Executive Director, Erv Lische reports that the assistance of Sustaining Members has been exceptional. He also reported that several new sustaining members have come aboard. A Board of Directors meeting by teleconference will be held within the next two weeks.


Erv also noted that "Ritual Notes" has been republished. Copies are available through DEUS Publications. It is important to note that DEUS Publications is a ministry of the Anglican Province of America. This is yet another example of mutual cooperation between the sister jurisdictions of the ACA and the APA. All proceeds from the sale of "Ritual Notes" will go to support the IAF and its international missionary outreach.


Mystic, Connecticut to Host Executive Council


The next meeting of the House of Bishops and Executive Council will be held between September 1-3 in Mystic, Connecticut. The Executive Council extends its thanks to Father Merrill Perkins for his assistance in arranging hotel accommodations and suggesting restaurants. His assistance is deeply appreciated.


Diocese of the Northeast


By the Grace of God, The Rt. Rev. James Randall Hiles will ordain Mr. Kevin Kelly to the Sacred Order of Deacons on May 30, 2015 at St. Thomas Anglican Church in Ellsworth, Maine. Your prayers and presence are requested. Clergy: red stoles.


We need a delegate from the DNE to serve on the Executive Council. Please let me know if you are interested and available to serve. These important meetings occur twice a year. The meetings, held in various locations throughout the country, are wonderful opportunities to share fellowship with Anglicans from other dioceses.


The Standing Committee will meet at the diocesan offices in Belchertown, Massachusetts on Saturday, May 16.


Mr. Steven Rugg, a postulant for holy orders CDrom the DNE, will complete his Master of Divinity Degree from Boston College this month. We expect he will take his canonical exam for the diaconate within the next few months. His future plans include pursuing a doctorate from McGill University in Montreal. We are certainly proud of his achievements and will keep him in our prayers.


St. Luke's Camp


St. Luke's Camp, once again under the leadership of Father Richard Dibble, will be held at Camp Ashmere in Hinsdale, Massachusetts from August 9-15. This extraordinary camping experience is open to children 7-14. Many campers return year after year to enjoy the wonderful adventure of camping in a Christian environment. The camp is open to children in our parishes, as well as others you know who may benefit from this unique experience.


This year, a DVD is being prepared and should be ready for distribution to parishes within two weeks. This will offer photos of past camping sessions and is a must see for all who know and love St. Luke's Camp.


Bishops' Schedules


Saturday, May 16. Belchertown, Massachusetts. Standing Committee. Bishops Marsh and Hiles.
Saturday, May 30. Ellsworth, Maine. Ordination. Bishop Hiles.
Sunday, May 31. Rochester, New Hampshire. Visitation. Bishop Marsh.
Sunday, June 14. Brooklyn, New York. Episcopal Visit to St. Joseph's Church. Bishop Marsh.
Wednesday/Thursday, June 17-18. Timonium, Maryland. DEUS Synod. Bishop Marsh.
Thursday/Friday, June 18-19. Alfred, Maine. Clericus. Bishop Hiles.
Sunday, July 19. Mystic, Connecticut. Episcopal Visit to St. Matthias Anglican Church. Bishop Marsh.
July 6-17. Bishop Marsh Vacation.
August 9-15. Hinsdale, Massachusetts. St. Luke's Camp.
Sunday, August 30. Deblois, Maine. Episcopal Visit to St. Francis mission. Bishop Marsh.


"The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with you Always."


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America