Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Bishop's Pre Lenten Newsletter


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessings to you all as we enter our Pre-Lenten season, revisiting once again the well known "gesimas". This newsletter, which is designed to provide updated information regarding the Diocese of the Northeast, the Anglican Church in America and the Traditional Anglican Communion, is made available by email to those on our current mailing list. It is also available on our diocesan website and Facebook.


The Diocese of the Northeast


Parishes in Transition


St. Thomas in Ellsworth, Maine has completed its parish profile and has issued a call to a new rector. The call has been affirmed by your bishop and an announcement will be made shortly.


Trinity Church in Rochester, New Hampshire has narrowed its rector search to three very well educated priests. It is anticipated that a decision will be made soon and a call issued. It is hoped that the new rector will be in place by Summer of this year. Many thanks to Father Andrew Faust for his superb interim leadership during this time of transition.


It should also be noted that both Trinity Church and St Thomas developed superb parish profiles. Other parishes in transition may wish to consult these. The development of a parish profile is a very healthy process, as it allows the congregation to explore the parish's unique gifts and ministries.


St. Elizabeth in Tuxedo New York has begun the process of developing its parish profile in advance of receiving resumes. Father Bob Ley and Deacon David Koller are serving the church's spiritual needs during the interim period.


St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey will be seeking a bi-lingual priest to serve the growing mission in that area. Father Ramirez, a young priest from Guatemala, has expressed interest in the position. At present, Father Bob Ley has volunteered to celebrate Mass once a month. On other Sundays, Morning Prayer will be said.


St. Augustine of Canterbury in Saco, Maine is being served by Father Amos Mihanda.




Deacon Al Ryan and his wife, Claudia, have relocated to Florida. Prayers for their successful move and future ministry.


Father Luis Aguilar has relocated to Ecuador. He had served St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey for four years. We wish him well in his ministry. Deacon Steve Rugg and Deacon Rob Philp are completing their canonical examinations for the priesthood. We keep them in our prayers as they prepare for the oral section of the exam.


Diocese of the Northeast Administration and Planning


Parochial Reports. Linnea has sent out parochial reports to all parishes. As many parishes hold their annual meetings during January, this is an ideal time to fill in the details and return the completed forms to Linnea. Let's see if we can indeed have all reports completed by the target date of Ash Wednesday, which is EARLY this year.


Standing Committee. Barring a snowstorm, the Standing Committee of the diocese will meet on Saturday, January 23 at the offices in Belchertown, Massachusetts. The snow date is January 30. My thanks to all who serve on this essential committee, which is charged with transacting the temporal business of the diocese between diocesan synods.


Synod. Synod planning is underway. We thank St. Paul's Parish in Brockton for offering to host this year's synod. We are looking forward to worshipping in the new church building and gathering together with each other once again for our annual meeting. More details to follow.


St. Luke's Camp. We are actively recruiting for a new camp director. Several clergymen have offered their services and we should have someone identified very soon.The finalized dates will be sent out very soon, but we do hope to hold the camp during the second week of August. We already have one camper signed up!


Anglican Church in America


The Executive Council and House of Bishops will meet in Timonium, Maryland on April 13 and 14.


Interjurisdictional Cooperation. Recently, the presiding bishops of The Anglican Church in America, The Anglican Catholic Church, the Anglican Province of America and the Diocese of the Holy Cross signed a letter of "interjurisdictional cooperation". This letter is a small step on the road to unity. At present, the letter pledges us to cooperate with each other, to assist in the mutual support of each others' churches, to work toward communio in sacris, to join together for a large concurrent synod in 2017 and seek ways in which we may eventually unify as one body. This is an exciting development. Publication of our letter has generated positive responses and we look forward to growing together both temporally and spiritually. This is an enormously promising development and I ask your prayers for our sister jurisdictions as we continue to seek God's will for His faithful churches. More news will be forthcoming in the very near future. It should also be noted that the four presiding bishops will maintain monthly communication with each other for the purposes of determining how we may best serve the needs of our churches as we work toward unity. We believe this is the most important development in the history of the Continuing Church movement.


The Traditional Anglican Communion


Bishop Michael Pope, who was consecrated bishop for Australia in 2013, is seriously ill and needs our prayers. The recent news is not encouraging and I do ask that all keep Bishop Michael in their daily prayers.


The College of Bishops will meet in Lincoln, England on October 13, 2016. The agenda will be wide ranging, but the most important item on the agenda will be the election of a new Primate for the Traditional Anglican Communion. We are blessed with several excellent candidates for this office.


We pray that the newly-consecrated bishops will have productive ministries. Bishop Mukuyamba was recently consecrated Bishop of Zambia. Bishops Garcia Tista and Lobos were consecrated to serve in Central America.


Bishops' Schedules


At the present time, Bishops Marsh and Hiles are planning the annual visitation schedule. If any parish would like to lock in a particular date, please let us know. A few dates have been scheduled to date. These, along with other dates are listed below:


January 10. St. Augustine, Elizabeth, New Jersey. Episcopal Visit.
January 23. Belchertown, Massachusetts. Standing Committee.
January 31. St. Paul's, Portland, Maine.
February 4. Traditional Anglican Church teleconference.
March 13. St. Margaret of Scotland. Conway, New Hampshire.
March 12-14. House of Bishops and Executive Council. Timonium, Maryland.
July 10. St. Matthias, Mystic, Connecticut. Episcopal Visit.
October 9. St. Luke's, Amherst, New Hampshire. Episcopal Visit.


Please know of my prayers for you all.


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America