Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Presiding Bishop's Epiphany Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Epiphany, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


A Blessed Epiphany to you all. This report comes to you with every good wish for a healthy, prosperous and faithful New Year. It is vital that we continue to serve God's church with dedication, recognizing that we are all responsible for guarding the spiritual and temporal treasures of the churches entrusted to our care. We must also serve as witnesses to God's grace, seeking to bring others to the communities dedicated to Christ our Lord.


During the past year, we have accomplished a great deal. Among the accomplishments:


  • The ACA and the APA convened general and provincial synods at Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois. This concurrent synod represents yet another tangible step in our journey toward full, organic union. It represents a move toward reconciliation with our brothers and sisters of the APA. Such organic union will not happen overnight. But we are taking very tangible steps toward union.
  • Another example of mutual cooperation occurred in early December. On December 3, bishops from four Continuing jurisdictions met in Athens, Georgia to discuss educational issues. Bishops Marsh and Hiles of the ACA, Bishop Paul Hewett of the Diocese of the Holy Cross, Bishop Chandler "Chad" Jones of the APA, Bishop Craig Botterill of the ACCC (TAC in Canada) and Archbishop Mark Haverland of the ACC met to discuss ways we might cooperate in the education of men for holy orders. This was a first step in developing a high level educational program that utilizes the gifts of each jurisdiction. It is another positive example of mutual cooperation between churches of the Anglican Continuum.
  • The General Synod ratified an amended Concordat of the Traditional Anglican Communion. This amended Concordat limits the authority of the Primate, recognizing that, in the Anglican tradition, authority is vested within both the national church and its constituent dioceses.




The College of Bishops holds a teleconference during the first week of each month. Recent teleconferences have dealt with the following issues:


  • Education of Clergy
  • Ratification of the TAC Concordat by national churches
  • Action on approval by the College of Bishops of two Bishops-Elect for Central America. The vote on this matter should be accomplished within the next two weeks.
  • Approved a new set of By Laws for the International Anglican Fellowship
  • Action on approval of three new board members for the International Anglican Fellowship. Approval on this item should be accomplished shortly.




Dates have now been set for the next meeting of the House of Bishops and Executive Council. The House of Bishops will convene on April 21. The Executive Council will meet on April 22-3. Canon Fred Rivers has graciously offered to host the event at his parish church in Phoenix, Arizona. Details on the hotel will be forthcoming.




The Rev. Merrill Perkins was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at St. Matthias Anglican Church in Mystic, Connecticut. The ceremony was followed by a reception at a local restaurant. Father Perkins was presented his ordination certificate and license to preach. Many family and friends attended this important event. We pray that Father Perkins' ministry may be of great service to God's holy church.


Postulants and Candidates


Mr. Kevin Kelley has passed his canonical examination for the diaconate. He will meet formally with the Standing Committee on Saturday, January 17. By the Grace of God, Kevin will be ordained in April.


Episcopal Visits


I am in the process of preparing a schedule of episcopal visits. Please let me know if there are particular dates you prefer. I will do my best to accommodate any and all requests. Please note that I generally schedule visits on the second and (when it occurs) fifth Sundays of each month. But other Sundays are available if necessary. At this point, only a few dates are taken. These are:


  • January 25. Trinity Church, Rochester, New Hampshire. Annual Meeting and Episcopal Visit.
  • March 14, 15. St. Margaret of Scotland. St. Patrick's dinner and Episcopal Visit.
  • April 13. St. Luke's, Amherst, New Hampshire. Twenty Fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of the parish. Episcopal Visit.


Bishop's Schedule


  • January 17. Belchertown, Massachusetts. The Standing Committee
  • January 25. Rochester, New Hampshire. Trinity Anglican Church. Episcopal Visit.


Blessings to all.


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America