Anglican Church in America
Sept. 16, 2010


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Synod is just a week away. Prior to our gathering, I did want to send you a quick update.
Many thanks to Father Christian and the parishes of All Saints and St. Luke for hosting the synod on short notice. I think everyone will be very pleased with the facility and planned activities.
Thanks to Linnea for handling all the details of synod administration. It is a monumental task and Linnea handles it with good humor and grace.


All delegates, clergy and postulants should have received synod documents from Linnea. Your packet will include a schedule and business meeting agenda. Please duplicate these as necessary.


As in the past, clergy who process at the Synod Mass should vest in cassock, surplice and red stole.
For the business meeting, some have expressed the desire to wear cassock, others a black business suit and clericals. Either is acceptable. A few have received dispensation to wear a gray business suit.


Father Christian has done an exceptional job arranging space for exhibits. We will have presentations by Shyla Spear, iconography by Chris Gosey and insurance by Church Mutual. All should be useful and fun. They will start Thursday afternoon.


Special entertainment is planned for Thursday evening.

First, a presentation of "Teresa; the Inner Song", featuring Jane Cormier in the role of Teresa.

Bishop George will provide musical entertainment. His singing is a perennial favorite. Both performances are not to be missed.


A few surprises are in store during Friday's business session. You have to be there to find out.


Bishop Walter Grundorf, Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Province of America, will be our featured speaker at the synod banquet.

I look forward to seeing you all at our annual diocesan gathering.

Your Brother in Christ,


Anglican Church in America