Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Bishop's Summer Newsletter


July, 2016


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I wish you all a very pleasant and relaxing Summer. May you all take time during this season to reflect upon the great gifts given to us by God, remembering as well that Our Lord took time for rest and reflection. Well before modern science has proven that a vacation, however brief, promotes health, Jesus Himself taught us this by His example. Please know of my prayers for you all and my hopes that you will enjoy this time that is traditionally set aside for a respite from our labors.


Ljuba and I will be on vacation for the next two weeks. We will spend our vacation this year, from July 14-28, in Portugal. Neither of us has ever visited that country and are looking forward to exploring it. During our time away, we will keep you all in our prayers. Though clergymen do take vacations, we are still required to say the daily office and to pray for the special needs of our parish churches and God's faithful people who need prayers. Though the daily office is a requirement, it is also a joy. Praying the office helps focus our minds and hearts toward God's purpose for us all. And when I consider the disparate places I have said morning and evening prayer, I am continually amazed at how vivid are my memories of those places. All because I have said the office! Truly one of God's gifts.


Before heading out on vacation, I did want to bring you up to date on several items.




Please keep Father Bob Ley and Father Jeff Monroe in your prayers. Father Bob suffered a moderate stroke a week ago and, after a short stay in the ICU, he has been transferred to a rehab facility. Father Bob has served St. Elizabeth faithfully over the years and we pray for his recovery. Please keep Father Bob and his wife, Pat in your prayers.


Father Jeff is recovering from hernia surgery and will be recuperating for the next two weeks. Under doctors orders, Father Jeff is required to do nothing for the next two weeks. Those of us who know him find that hard to believe.


Father Matthew Mirabile of Trinity, Rochester and Father Ed Kalish of St. Thomas in Ellsworth, Maine have been formally installed in their respective parishes. The ceremonies of installation were truly glorious and we pray that our new rectors will experience fulfilling and joyous ministries to the parishes where God has called them.


Father John Bassett, a former Episcopal priest from the Diocese of Albany, has been licensed to assist St. Thomas of Canterbury church in Halfmoon, New York. We welcome Father Bassett and his wife, Teri, to the service of our newest parish in the Diocese of the Northeast.


Father Robert Ludwig, a priest resident in the Diocese of the Eastern United States, offered a series of meditations at our recent clericus gathering in Alfred, Maine. Father Ludwig has also made himself available to serve St. Elizabeth's church in Tuxedo should the parish wish his services. We certainly pray for Father Ludwig and St. Elizabeth's at this time.


As we all know, Bishop Jim Hiles underwent knee surgery in May. He reports that the surgery went perfectly for which we praise God. +Jim also reports that he has returned to Saint Paul's Parish, but has sat "on the bench." That is a sports metaphor, no doubt a holdover from the bishop's college career as a fullback.


Parish News


St. Peter's Anglican Mission in Deep River, Connecticut has begun to hold services in the beautifully-restored Wooster Chapel. The chapel has been consecrated for Christian worship and is truly a beautiful "house of prayer." Newly installed chandeliers, as well as modern restroom facilities (!) makes this a delightful, convenient and very attractive facility. Much thanks goes out to Father Merrill Perkins and the parishioners of St. Matthias for making this mission, by God's grace, such a success.


St. Luke's Camp


Please make every attempt to register campers for this year's season. St. Luke's Camp will again hold its very popular week long Christian camping experience at Camp Ashmere from August 7-13. This year's camp play is tentatively titled, "Paul's Letter to Spot, Fluffy and Finley." It is based on one of St. Paul's lost epistles, only recently discovered. Not to be missed! Father Matt Mirabile is serving as camp director this year. He is an impressive priest who has had much experience working with youth. Let's help make this a wonderful year for St. Luke's Camp.


Episcopal Schedule


July 14-28. Bishop Marsh Vacation.
July 24. Episcopal visit to Good Shepherd and Trinity, White River Junction. Bishop Hiles.
August 4. Teleconference. Traditional Anglican Communion bishops.
August 7-13. St. Luke's Camp.
September 20-22. House of Bishops and Executive Council meetings, Prairie Village, Kansas.


Prayers and Blessings to you all!



Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America