Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Bishop's April, 2016 Newsletter


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


A Blessed Eastertide to you all!


I bring you a message of mission, renewal and evangelism. These theses should be part of our daily lives, part of our ministry as followers of Christ. We need to recognize that every person we meet is created in the image of God and often in need of the healing power of God's love.


Deacon Steve Rugg has been conducting a series of talks at Trinity Church in White River Junction. Every month, the parish holds "Evangelism Sunday." Yesterday, we considered the need to study the ministry needs and the missionary possibilities in the community where the parish is located. While publicity and mailers may be useful, programs helpful, building trust and demonstrating the Christian way in our own lives may be the most effective way of bringing people to the church. But first, we must be equipped to teach the faith. We can best do this by knowing and living the principles of the faith and expressing that faith in ways that people can hear it. We need to be prepared for the probing questions. We need to know the answers ourselves before we can communicate them to others. And we need to be able to translate the answers into language that people can hear.


We are all missionaries for Christ. We need to plant the seeds of Christ's love in peoples' hearts and minds. How we do that requires creativity, insight and the desire to reach people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


Current news


National Church News


Last week, the House of Bishops and the Executive Council met in Timonium, Maryland. St. Stephen's Anglican Church hosted the event in superb style. A great debt of thanks goes out to Father Guy Hawtin, the parish rector, as well as his staff. While the hospitality was certainly outstanding, many remarked that this was one of the finest Executive Council meetings we have experienced. Many thanks to all participants.


The minutes will reflect the many details of the meetings' transactions, but a couple of items are of special note. Mr. Chip Garre of St. Luke's Anglican Church in Amherst, New Hampshire was elected President of the House of Laity, a position that had been vacant for some six months.


Discussion about a "marriage canon" was very productive. This issue will be revisited at our next Executive Council session, along with a discussion of our national canons. This discussion is necessary as we seek closer ties to the Anglican Province of America, The Anglican Catholic Church and the Diocese of the Holy Cross.


Traditional Anglican Communion


The College of Bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion will meet in Lincoln, England October 13-15. A new Primate will be elected for the TAC. Other issues to be discussed include the status of the revised Concordat. To date, four of the ten national churches have ratified the new Concordat. Accordingly, we are still adhering to the current Concordat. Our chancellor, Wally Jones, regards the Concordat as akin to the Preamble of our Constitution.


We will also discuss the relationship of TAC churches with those of other Continuing Anglican jurisdictions. While we have made great progress in the USA, churches in other countries differ in their relations with other jurisdictions. Our challenge will be to draw together in a spirit of cooperation with Classical Anglicans (one of the hallmarks of the Concordat) while also maintaining the strong bonds of affection with our Brothers and Sisters in TAC churches.


Clergy News


Father Matthew Mirabile celebrated his first Mass at Trinity Anglican Church in Rochester, New Hampshire on April 24. According to reports, there was a "record turnout." It was truly a very festive day. Father Matt will be formally installed rector on June 12.


Father Ed Kalish has been accepted into a masters degree program at Nashotah House. Congratulations to Father Ed! He will be formally installed rector of St. Thomas Anglican Church on June 4.


Deacon Stephen Rugg and Deacon Rob Philp will be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on May 21 at St. Luke's Anglican Church in Amherst, New Hampshire.


Bishop James Hiles will undergo knee surgery in May. We pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


Parish News


Bishop Hiles reports that Saint Paul's Parish has received a certificate of occupancy from the City of Brockton. The parish will, by the Grace of God, hold its first service on Pentecost. We offer our prayers for this faithful parish, a parish that has adhered to the faith once delivered to the saints. It is indeed a tribute to faithful Anglicans that this traditional parish has built the first new Anglican - or Episcopal - church in Massachusetts in sixty-seven years.


Parish Vacancies


Recently, two of our parishes began the "Search and Call" process. The process involves the following steps:

1. first, the parish must say goodbye to its parish priest, he to the parish (nothing further should happen until this has been done);

2. a parish profile must be developed, a profile that includes input from all members of the congregation;

3. resumes and CVs are then collected by the bishop's office and candidates who meet the pastoral and educational requirements are referred to the parish search committee;

4. Interviews are arranged by the parish in conjunction with the search committee;

5. in concert with the bishop, a call is issued.


This process has worked effectively at St. Luke's, St. Thomas and, most recently, at Trinity Anglican Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. It is a process that includes a good deal of prayer and a sincere desire on the part of the parish to discern God's will.


St. Luke's Camp


Father Matt Mirabile will direct St. Luke's Camp this year. Father Matt and his wife, Inger, have had a great deal of experience working with children in ministry settings. They also have three grown children of their own. I am aware of several returning campers this year. Please send registration information to Allan Wylie:


International Anglican Fellowship


The diocese continues to support the mission of the IAF, which assists churches in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Zambia and India. The Diocese of the Northeast is a leader in providing financial contributions to the IAF. It is worth noting that the newest sustaining member of the IAF is a fourteen year-old boy from Canandaigua, New York. Guess who?


Deaconess Program


Two candidates for the Deaconess training program have come forward. All women who may be interested in this excellent and prayerful way to serve God's church are encouraged to contact the bishop.


Bishops Schedule


Sunday, May 1. Visit to All Saints Anglican Church, Hamilton, Montana.
Saturday, May 14. Standing Committee. Belchertown, Massachusetts.
Saturday, May 21. Ordination. St. Luke's Anglican Church, Amherst, New Hampshire.
June 2, 3. Alfred, Maine. Clericus.
Saturday, June 4. St. Thomas, Ellsworth, Maine. Installation of Father Kalish as Rector.
Sunday, June 12. Trinity, Rochester, New Hampshire. Installation of Father Mirabile as Rector.
June 16-18. Los Angeles. Meeting with the Standing Committee of the Diocese of the West.
Sunday, June 26. St. Elizabeth Anglican Church, Tuxedo, New York. Episcopal Visit and confirmation.
Sunday, July 10. St. Matthias, Mystic, Connecticut. Episcopal Visit.
July 14-28. Bishop Marsh vacation.
Sunday, July 24. Bishop Hiles' Episcopal Visit to Trinity, White River Junction and Good Shepherd, Charlestown.


Blessings to you all!


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America