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September 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessings to you all as we enter the season of Autumn. As we all know, Autumn presages that other, later season. Several people have mentioned to me over the past several days: "When Fall comes, we know what comes after." I confess I have said much the same thing to other people. But Autumn is a lovely season in this part of the world and I must remember to thank God for his glorious bounty. I am reminded that, in years past, many Anglican and Episcopal churches, would celebrate harvest festivals and offer thanks to God for a bountiful harvest. But we do retain the spirit of harvest festivals in the calendar of our national holidays. Though it is a little early for us to prepare our traditional annual feasts, we remember that our Canadian brothers and sisters will celebrate their national day of Thanksgiving on October 13, while we will celebrate our own day of Thanksgiving on November 27.


All this may serve as a reminder to thank God for all we have been given at this particular time of year, a time when we gather together as families of God in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Now for some of the latest news:




Last week, delegates from parishes within the Diocese of the Northeast gathered in MahWah, New Jersey to conduct the temporal business of the church. The diocese celebrated its twenty-third annual diocesan synod. Eighty-three delegates were registered for this event.


The synod Mass was held at St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church in Tuxedo, New York. The beautiful stone chapel has served as a home to the parish for many years and was a wonderful setting for our opening worship service.


A highlight of the Mass was the ordination of The Rev. Mr. David Melanchthon Koller to the diaconate. The Rt. Rev. George D. Langberg offered the homily. The Rt. Rev. James R. Hiles read the introductory ordination preface. Deacon Koller was presented for ordination by The Very Rev. Robert Ley, Deacon Koller's mentor, and The Ven. Alan Koller, his father.


The synod business meeting was convened shortly after 10:00 a.m. Linnea Shaver, secretary to the Executive Council, was given a rousing ovation for her dedicated service in arranging the many details of the synod. Her outstanding work contributed enormously to the success of this synod.


The business of the synod was conducted efficiently. This was helped by the good offices of Allan Wylie, who once again developed a useful booklet of synod reports. The booklet itself was printed at Trinity Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. Many thanks for all who helped produce this very useful document.


The emotional highlight of the synod occurred when Father Ed Kalish read a letter written by Emily Dibble. In her letter, Emily wrote that young people are hungry for the Word of God and earnestly requested that all of those present make every effort to reach out to young people and let them know of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Emily's eloquent and urgent words electrified synod and gave witness to the powerful reality of what God's words can do. It is now time for us all to take heed of those words and give them life.


Another highlight of our synod was the keynote address of Bishop Stephen Strawn, who spoke movingly of the necessity for prayer and of how he recovered from cancer through the prayers of many and the grace of God.


Many thanks to all who contributed to the success of our Twenty-third diocesan synod.




The Rev. Mr. David M. Koller has been ordered deacon. He will serve as deacon at St. Elizabeth's Church. Deacon Koller has an active youth ministry and we pray that his ministry will bear much fruit.


The Rev. James Ayers passed to eternal life in late August. A requiem Mass was held at Holy redeemer Anglican Church in Canandaigua, New York on September 4. We pray for the repose of the soul of our Brother Jim. We pray also for his wife, Cindy, and his two children.


The Rev. Andrew Faust has begun service as interim at Trinity Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. We pray for his ministry as he leads the parish during this time of transition.


The Rt. Rev. Owen Williams has taken up new responsibilities at St. Mary of the Angels in Hollywood, California. We wish he and Marilyn a successful transition to the "left coast" and a rich ministry at their new parish home.


The Rev. Ian Dunn has, as most of us know, moved to the Sacramento area. He is assisting at an ACA parish in that area and may begin a mission shortly. We miss Ian+ in this diocese, but know that God has called him to a good work.


General Synod


The ACA General Synod, which will be held concurrently with our sister jurisdiction, The Anglican Province of America, will be held during the week of October 13. The synods will convene at Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois. The schedule is as follows:


October 14. ACA House of Bishops meeting
October 15. Meeting of the ACA Executive Council
October 16. Executive Council, Concurrent Synods and Workshops
       Synod Banquet
October 17. Concurrent Synods continue


Two issues that will require the vote of synod are these:


  1. ratification of an amended ACA constitution;
  2. ratification of the amendments to the Traditional Anglican Communion. Copies of these documents will be sent to all delegates in advance of the synod.


We also expect there will be a meeting of the new Assembly of Bishops, an entity proposed at recent meeting of bishops within both jurisdictions. The assembly has no formal status; it is simply an opportunity for bishops of the two jurisdictions to come together for informal discussions. It is a way for us all to determine issues upon which we agree and to determine our future steps toward full reconciliation.


Visitation Schedule


October. Holy Cross, Webster, New York. Episcopal visit and confirmation.
November 9. All Saints, Concord, New Hampshire. Episcopal Visit.
November 14-15. St. Augustine's, Elizabeth, New Jersey. Anglican education program.
November 30. St. David's, Poultney, Vermont. Episcopal visit.
December 14. St. Margaret's, Conway, New Hampshire
December 21. St. Elizabeth's, Tuxedo, New York


Parish News


St. Thomas in Ellsworth, Maine, is seeking an interim priest. We do expect to make an appointment there within the month.


St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey has requested a course of study in Anglican theology and liturgy. I have scheduled November 15 for this important event of Christian education. Thank you to the parish for requesting this event.


Blessings to you all!


Anglican Church in America