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Summer 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessings to you all this Trinity season!


As we all prepare for Summer here in the Northeast, I pray that you will all have a good, restful and healthy couple of months. Many of us will be taking our vacations during this time of year. It is a necessary respite from our labors and God encourages us to do just that: take time to refresh and renew.


During your travels, please take the opportunity to worship in the traditional Anglican parishes within the Anglican Church in America. But there are also parishes within our sister jurisdiction, the Anglican Province of America. Churches may be readily located on our websites. There are also Classical Anglican churches in other jurisdictions, many of which worship according to the traditional Book of Common Prayer. As Classical Anglicans continue to develop closer ties, I encourage you to assist in building relationships with our Anglican brothers and sisters. Should you have any questions about particular church groups or jurisdictions, your parish priest will be able to assist you.


Above all, enjoy the Summer. Bishop Chamberlain recognized the need to take time away from his labors and would post a prominent "Gone Fishing!" notice on his office door, the front cover of the Northeast Anglican and anywhere else one might presume to find him!


To that point, I will be on vacation from July 14-25. During this time, Ljuba and I will travel to Greece (her favorite country) for a well needed respite. I expect to spend some of that time at a monastery on the island of Mykonos. We will also spend five days on the island of Santorini, which has several historic churches that contain priceless icons.


During my time away, Canon Webb will be responsible for administrative issues. Bishop Hiles, as an active suffragan, will assume any episcopal responsibilities.




The Rt. Rev. Owen R. Williams has completed twelve years' service to Trinity Church in Rochester, New Hampshire. His final service was on Trinity Sunday, June 15. Bishop Williams has accomplished a great deal during his service to his parish church, the diocese and the national church. Though we will miss him in this diocese, it is clear that God has called him to a ministry on the West Coast. We pray that his ministry at St. Mary of the Angels in Hollywood, California and the Diocese of the West will be fruitful and spiritually satisfying.


May all of God's blessings surround Bishop Owen and Marilyn as they begin this new ministry.


The Rev. Mr. Mark Black was ordered deacon on June 14 at St. Joseph's Anglican Church in Brooklyn, New York. He was presented for ordination by Archdeacon Alan Koller and Canon Neville Brathwaite. He will serve St. Joseph's for the immediate future. We pray that Deacon Black will serve his parish well during the term of his ministry.


The Rev. Ian Dunn has accepted a secular position in Sacramento, California. Accordingly, he has requested Letters Dimissory from his bishop and he will be transferred officially to the Diocese of the West during August of this year. We wish him all the best in his new position. His parish assignment has not been determined at this point, but he will either serve at an established parish in the Sacramento area or found a mission within the City of Sacramento.


Father Luis Aguilar will be installed as rector of St. Augustine's Anglican Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Sunday, August 31.




Our late-Spring Clericus gathering was held in Alfred, Maine on June 12, 13. It was very well attended. Father Kevin Lamarre presented an excellent workshop on lectio divina, the second part of his series on prayer. In addition to our clergy and their wives, we were privileged to have several visitors from other jurisdictions. The Rev. Mr. James Gordon of the ACC-AR has attended many of our gatherings and we welcome his gracious presence. James Long of the Reformed Church has rejoined our clericus gatherings. Jim has been actively involved in missionary work in the Philippines during the past several years and gave an inspiring talk about his work there. Deacon Roger Poulin, who was ordained in the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia, also joined us, as did Father Peter Donatelli, who had been ordained in the Charismatic Episcopal Church. We rejoice in their presence among us.




Please make plans to attend our diocesan synod, which will be held in Tuxedo, New York on September 18-19. St. Elizabeth's Church is our host parish this year and we give thanks for that parish's long dedication to the work of God. Please direct any questions to diocesan secretary, Linnea Shaver, or myself.




Our general synod, which is the national synod of The Anglican Church in America, will be held in Belleville, Illinois during the week of October 13. The schedule is as follows:


October 14. Meeting of the House of Bishops

October 15. Meeting of the House of Bishops and the Executive Council

October 16. Meeting of the Executive Council. Synod workshops. Synod Banquet.

October 17. Synod Business Meetings.


This particular synod will be unique because it will be held concurrently with the provincial synod of the Anglican Province of America, our sister jurisdiction. While delegates are required to attend, others are welcome and, indeed, invited to attend. This will be a historic event, one not to be missed.




Both Trinity Church in Rochester, New Hampshire and St. Thomas Church in Ellsworth, Maine will be served by interim clergy during the next year. Father Andrew Faust will serve Trinity beginning on September 1. An interim clergyman has yet to be assigned to St. Thomas'.


The task of an interim is twofold: to assist the parish in preparing a parish profile and to help the parish proceed to the calling of a new rector. We pray that both parishes discern God's will during this time of transition.




It is not too late to make reservations to attend St. Luke's Camp. Camp will be held in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. The dates are: August 10-16.


Many thanks to Bishop Williams, Allan Wylie, Diane Jones and the many others who have worked to make this camp a reality again this year. Thanks are also due to Father Rich Dibble and his family for their long dedication to St. Luke's Camp.


Blessings to all who serve the many churches in our wonderful and far-flung diocese. Please know of my prayers for you all!


Your Brother in Christ,


Anglican Church in America