Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It has been an extremely busy few months for our Diocese and National Church. I hope to update everyone as to our recent activities, as well as our plans for the next several weeks and months.




Bishop Williams blessing the childrenDuring the past month, the Anglican Church in America has consecrated two bishops. Both will serve in the Diocese of the Northeast. The Rt. Rev. Owen Rhys Williams was consecrated bishop on the evening of April 25 at Trinity Pro Cathedral in Rochester, New Hampshire. The Rt. Rev. James Randall Hiles was consecrated bishop at Saint Paul's Parish in Brockton, Massachusetts on Saturday morning, April 27.Bishop Hiles



While I served as chief consecrator, seven bishops served as co-consecrators for the event. What is particularly important to note about this event is that the bishops were drawn from all dioceses in the ACA, as well as from the Anglican Province of America and the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada. In addition, the Rt. Rev. Edward H. MacBurney served as a co-consecrator for Bishop Hiles. Bishop MacBurney is a retired bishop of the Episcopal Church, a thoroughly orthodox pastor who is a long time friend of Bishop Hiles.


If you haven't yet seen the photographs, please visit our website. Many are posted there. Jim Siebold, Ljuba Marsh, Marilyn Williams and many others have taken photos of the occasion. Bishop Williams' sister, Sara, took many pictures as well. There are also videos of the events that are likely to be made available soon. Jim Siebold of St. Nicholas Church has produced discs for each bishop and will be sending these along very soon.


Bishop Williams will assume responsibilities within the Diocese of the Northeast and may take on responsibilities within the ACA Diocese of the West, which is currently without a bishop. Bishop Hiles is charged with educational and missionary work. He will serve as chairman of the ACA Educational Committee, a regular committee of the Executive Council. In addition, he has been charged with establishing new missions in the Greater Boston area.


Please join me in welcoming our new bishops and praying for their life and ministry among us.




I am ready. A much-needed vacation has been scheduled for May 13-24. As many of you know, my wife, Ljuba, is an expert travel guide. She has scheduled a trip to France this year and we are looking forward to spending time in Paris, the Loire Valley and Normandy. It will be our first vacation together (just the two of us) in many years and we are looking forward to it. Rumors abound that the wine, cheese and bread are very good. Reviews when we return.




During my absence, I have asked Bishop Owen Williams to cover any episcopal responsibilities. As Suffragan Bishop and Dean of the Cathedral, he is the clergyman who rightly assumes this responsibility and I have every confidence that he will resolve any issues that may arise.




Time to make those camp reservations. St. Luke's Camp will begin this year on August 4 at Camp Ashmere in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. We have many more children in our diocese this year, given the addition of Saint Paul's Parish in Brockton, St. Nicholas in West Seneca, New York and St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We hope to accommodate all the campers, but it is important to register early so that we may know what are numbers are likely to be. This helps with planning. Father Rich Dibble, our superb camp director, is back in charge during this his sixth (seventh?) season. Last year, he called for administrative assistance to help with promotion and planning. Betty Langberg, Diane Jones and Allan Wylie have assisted Fr. Dibble and they should be given a round of applause for their work in this important ministry of our church.




Many thanks to Linnea for her work in getting the word out, collecting and collating the parochial reports. When I last talked with her, only two reports were outstanding. Thanks to all who returned their reports in a timely fashion. At this stage, we can report solid growth in our diocese. Given the addition of several large parishes, as well as the growth of other parishes, preliminary total membership figures indicate that we are well over the 1,000 mark and may well reach 1,200. Although membership numbers do not tell the whole story, the fact that we are bringing others to Christ is a very good sign. And that is precisely our mission!




Father Moody will shortly be sending out information about our June Clericus. Please make every effort to attend this important gathering. The theme for this event will likely focus around clergy education.




Ed Pacht, the editor of the NEA, has issues a call for information and articles. Please get your articles to Ed as soon as possible. The NEA is highly regarded in both the Diocese of the Northeast and throughout the ACA. It is a superb publication and is an ongoing source of news and information about our church.




Many thanks to Terry Harwood, who serves as steward of the IAF for the Diocese of the Northeast, and Erv Lischke, who is the Executive Director of the IAF. Their goal is to include all parishes as Sustaining Members of the IAF. The dollar amount of a monthly - or annual - pledge is less important than the consistency of that pledge. I encourage all parishes to include the IAF as a line item in your budgets.




During the past several months, it has been my privilege to pay episcopal visits to St. Augustine's in Old Orchard Beach, St. Elizabeth's in Tuxedo, New York and St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey. St. Augustine's in Old Orchard Beach presented four members for confirmation. All were well prepared under the direction of Valerie Kazarian and Deacon Al Ryan. It was a real privilege to speak with young people who had been well prepared in the principles of the faith. Two weeks ago, Bishop Juan Garcia, Bishop of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and I visited St. Augustine's in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The parish was very pleased to greet a bishop who actually speaks Spanish. Bishop Garcia celebrated Mass and preached at the service. He also spent time meeting with the vestry and offering pastoral support, as well as business advice to the parish.




The meeting of the Standing Committee has been rescheduled to June 1. We will meet for Holy Communion at 10 a.m. at the diocesan office in Belchertown, Massachusetts.




September 17. House of Bishops, Quincy, IL
September 18-19. Executive Council, Quincy, IL.

October 3-5. DNE Synod. Mystic, CT October 23-25.
ACC Synod. Newport Beach, CA






June 9. Holy Cross. Webster, New York.
July 14. St. Matthias. Mystic, Connecticut.
August 11. St Thomas. Ellsworth, Maine.
September 8. St. Joseph. Brooklyn, New York.



Bishop Langberg has been scheduled to visit the following parishes and missions: Holy Redeemer, St. Lucy, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Trinity, Rochester.




Bishop Williams will visit the following parishes and missions: Holy Trinity, All Saints, St. Margaret, St. Elizabeth.




Bishop Hiles is scheduled to visit the following parishes and missions: St. Paul's, Portland; St. Luke, Christ Church, St. David.


Blessings to you all this Ascensiontide! 


Your Brother in Christ


Anglican Church in America