Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop
Diocese of the Northeast


Bishop's Monthly Newsletter

October, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


It has been a busy few weeks since my last newsletter. During that time, we have held a very successful diocesan synod, participated in our House of Bishops and Executive Council meetings, performed an episcopal visit and confirmations and planned for upcoming consecrations and visits to churches in California. All this work has been a great joy, as it signals an expansion of God's work throughout our jurisdiction - and beyond.


Here are some of the highlights:


Diocesan Synod


Our Diocesan Synod was a great success due to the advance planning of Deacon Merrill Perkins and St. Matthias Church in Mystic, Connecticut. It is a tribute to Deacon Merrill and his small congregation, as well as a reminder to us all that even the smallest parishes can make an enormous contribution to God's Holy Church. Indeed, it is a reminder that every Christian can make a great contribution when the work is done in the spirit of Christian mission. Thanks to St. Matthias from a very grateful diocese.


Thanks to Linnea Shaver and Kathy Lippman for their work in arranging the administrative details; the business meeting moved easily through the agenda due to their planning and expertise. For the fourth year, Allan Wylie has assembled a booklet of report that has streamlined our reporting process. Over the years, this booklet has expanded to include the agenda, consolidated report of the diocese and reports from the national church such as that of the International Anglican Fellowship. It is a very useful document and one that can be used as a resource throughout the year.


Kathy Lippman, our diocesan treasurer, chairs a meeting of the Deo Gratias fund every year. This year, Deo Gratias contributions will go to St. Luke's Camp and Fr. LaMarre's animal rescue program, among others. Deo Gratias is a very worthy ministry of the womens' guild.


The Houses of Clergy and Laity divided just prior to lunch and discussed several important issues particular to each body. The House of Clergy focused on mission and evangelism. Many ideas were shared and perspectives offered. It was noted that, through the faithful preaching of the gospel much can be accomplished. The House of Laity focused on St Luke's Camp, reconciliation and stewardship. St. Luke's Camp is currently operating at approximately thirty percent capacity. Though the camp has the necessary financial resources, it is essential that we attract more children to this excellent program.


The synod Mass was held in the meetinghouse at Olde Mystick Village, the chapel that is used by St. Matthias. The meetinghouse is less that a quarter of a mile from the hotel where we held the business meetings. Because it was so close - and the weather delightful - many people chose to walk to and from the church. It was a lovely setting for our worship.


As is typical of our synods, appointments are made for the ensuing year. Kirby Wood was appointed assistant to the chancellor. He will work with Wally Jones to ensure that all aspects of our work are consistent with the diocesan canons. Concern was expressed by both the Standing Committee and the synod itself that the bishop's workload had been expanding exponentially. Although there are currently no resources available to pay for administrative support staff, it was suggested that a line item be placed in the budget for a time when such resources become available. In the meantime, Rebecca Harrington has offered to assist in a voluntary capacity. She will handle routine correspondence, travel arrangements and document preparation. She will also be able to determine the time that might optimally be needed for an administrative assistant.


Finally, synod would simply not be synod without the talents of Bishop George Langberg. His work within both the Standing Committee and the synod itself is invariably supportive, his counsel wise and thoughtful. But his musical talents are truly exceptional. Many thanks to him for singing a wide variety of musical numbers (including one very popular - but unmentionable - tune).


Many thanks to all who contributed to our Twenty-Second diocesan synod.


Clergy and Postulant News


Father Sam Logan has been appointed chair of the Board of Examining Chaplains. Archdeacon Koller has rotated off the board. He will devote more time to his work as Vicar General of the Armed Forces.


Jimmie Steelman and Charles Wonneberger have been granted postulancy status. We wish them well and pray that their journey will be rewarding and productive to God's Holy Church. Mr Wonneberger is a parishioner of St. Matthias Anglican Church in Mystic, Connecticut. His grandson, Sean, was crucifer and acolyte at synod Mass. Mr. Steelman is a parishioner of Christ Church in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.


National Church News


The House of Bishops and Executive Council met in Quincy, Illinois from September 17-19. Much emphasis was made on the need for effective clergy education. The Diocese of the Northeast has the expertise in this area and two presentations were made regarding education. Bishop James Hiles delivered a report that expressed a need for highly educated clergy. Anglican clergy have long been noted for their educational attainments and Bishop Hiles' report underscored that need. Father Jeff Monroe delivered a report on Logos House, which now has several dozen students and is likely the only functioning house of studies among Classical Anglican jurisdictions.


At the end of the Executive Council session, Bishop Hiles proposed that the national church commit a line item for education. Initially, this would be in the annual amount of $10,000. This passed unanimously.


Parish News


St. Luke's Anglican Church has prepared a chapel in the lower level of the church, part of the addition that was completed just a few years ago. This chapel has been named St. Andrew's Chapel and will be consecrated on October 18.


Episcopal Visits


October 18. St. Luke's Anglican Church, Amherst, New Hampshire. Bishop Hiles.
December 8. St. Nicholas, West Seneca, New York. Bishop Marsh.


Bishop Marsh's Schedule


October 16-20. Lincoln, England. Consecration of Bishops-elect Michael Pope and Ian Gray. Informal College of Bishops meeting.
October October 23. Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church, Newport Beach, California.
October 26. Consecration of Bishop-elect Stephen Scarlett, Bishop of the ACC Diocese of the West.
October 27. St. Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, California. Episcopal visit.
November 17. St. Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, California. Rededication of the church and parish hall.
December 8. St. Nicholas Anglican Church, West Seneca, New York. Episcopal visit.




As a final note, we must keep the full reconciliation of the ACA and the APA in our prayers. The House of Laity passed a resolution stating that we should keep the reconciliation in our daily prayers. We are moving together, seeking ways to cooperate, resolve conflicts and join together in as Godly a manner as possible. I thank the House of Laity for their thoughtful and generous resolution and I will pray that His will be done and that we do indeed become one.


"The blessings of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost be amongst you and remain with you always."


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America