Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop

Autumn 2012


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


This newsletter comes to you with every good wish for a blessed Autumn. Here in the Northeast, many regard this as their favorite season of the year. During my many drives through this area, I am always struck by the great beauty of the region in which we live. During the past three months, I have driven through each of the seven states that comprise our diocese. Though I put many miles on the car, I am always rewarded by the visual splendor of the landscape and the wonderful warm welcome I receive from each of our parishes and missions.


It is wonderful indeed to experience the depth of Christian love that occurs in each of our congregations.


Your Brother in Christ,






The Rev. Canon Granville V. Henthorne, DD.


As you all know, Father Henthorne died a short time ago. Father Jeff Monroe, Deacon Ian Dunn and Father's immediate family were at his bedside when he died.


Father Henthorne will be deeply missed. He was a faithful and dedicated priest, one who served God's holy church with energy and enthusiasm all his life. His contributions to both St. Thomas Church in Ellsworth, Maine and Logos House of Studies assisted the church immeasurably. His contributions to this diocese, to his parish church and to the many students who attended Logos House are to be honored and celebrated. His work stands as an example of what one individual Christian can accomplish.


Father Henthorne's funeral service was held on Saturday, October 13 at St. Thomas Church in Ellsworth. The service was well attended by clergy and people from throughout the diocese. Many thanks to Deacon Ian Dunn, who served as Master of Ceremonies for the service. The internment was at a cemetery in Central Falls, Rhode Island.


Please keep Father's wife, Priscilla, and his children, Priscilla and Robert, in your prayers.


Above all, we remember and celebrate the life and contribution of a gifted and dedicated man of God.


"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."






The Rev. Mr. Czarr Freeman has joined the diocese and has been licensed as a deacon. He will serve Saint Paul's Parish in Brockton, Massachusetts. We welcome Deacon Czarr and look forward to his ministry among us.


The Rev. Martin Mahoney, who has joined the diocese recently, has been appointed interim priest at Holy Cross in Webster, New york. Father Mahoney, who was originally ordained in the Roman Catholic Church, is serving as chaplain to a hospital in the Rochester area. He and his family have been joyfully welcomed by Holy Cross and we pray that his ministry there will bear much good fruit.


We continue to pray for Archdeacon Alan Koller. I spoke with Archdeacon Koller this past week. Fortunately, he is now home after spending a few weeks in the hospital. He expects to resume his duties at St. Joseph's in early November. He will continue his responsibilities as Vicar General and Endorser of the Military Chaplains program. We give thanks for his service among us and will pray for a full and complete recovery.


Deacon Ian Dunn will be looking after the pastoral needs of St. Thomas. I had a meeting with him, and their vestry after Fr. Henthorne's funeral. Please keep the parish in your prayers




The Rev. Mr. Ed Ihde is scheduled, God willing, to be ordained to the holy priesthood at St. Nicholas Anglican Church on November 17, 2012.


The Rev. Dr. David Moody, of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Charlestown, NH, is scheduled, God willing, to be ordained to the holy priesthood at Trinity Pro Cathedral on December 1, 2012.


Parish News


St. Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Church of Half Moon, NY has voted to leave their previous jurisdiction. The parish will come under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of the Diocese of the Northeast. At this point, they have neither requested nor have they received provisional acceptance as a parish of the DNE. We do pray that the parish will indeed request to join with us. Father Rich Dibble will serve the parish as interim priest during its time of discernment. We will certainly pray for St. Thomas of Canterbury and the ministry of Father Rich.




The House of Bishops and Executive Council met in Belleville, Illinois from October 2 - 4. Much important business was transacted.


*The House of Bishops supported a joint APA/ACA synod in 2014. The tentative plans are to hold joint worship services, while providing for separate business meetings.


*The canons were discussed. Our new canons have been released and we are learning how to work with them. Several issues were addressed regarding difficult provisions within the new canons. We may need to revise these and will likely do so at our next General Synod.


*A three year lectionary was approved. The three-year lectionary may be used by parishes on an optional basis. Parishes may, for example, use texts from the three year cycle instead of the one-year lectionary provided in the prayer book. Three year lectionaries are available upon request.


*Bishop Juan Garcia attended the House of Bishops meeting and signaled his intention of remaining within the ACA. The Diocese of Puerto Rico had intended to enter an Ordinariate, but after studying the matter, decided to remain within the ACA. Bishop Garcia was joyously received by both the House of Bishops and the Executive Council.


*A request for an election synod for a Bishop Ordinary for the Diocese of the Eastern United States was discussed and tabled until November.


*The House of Bishops voted that clerical collars should be restricted to ordained clergy only. All others, including candidates and seminarians, should not wear a clerical collar, as this has a tendency to confuse people. Postulants, candidates and seminarians are laymen.


The Executive Council transacted the following business:


*Recommended that parishes fulfill their canonical requirement of paying pensions to clergy.


*Set meeting dates for future HOB/EC meetings; Brockton, Massachusetts (April 22-25, 2013); Diocese of the West - location TBD (September 16-19, 2013).


*Asked that the Executive Council agenda be posted in advance.


*Endorsed a joint letter from Presiding Bishops of the major continuing churches. (NOTE: this should be released within a week).


*Supported by unanimous vote the confirmation of the Bishops-elect of the Diocese of the Northeast.


*A balanced budget for the national church was reviewed.



Ecumenical News


On October 6, I participated, as co-consecrator, of Bishop Robert Todd Giffin, Bishop Suffragan of the APA Diocese of Mid America. It has become a policy for APA and ACA bishops to participate in the consecrations of each others' bishops. The consecration ceremony was truly joyous. The lovely church in Merrillville, Indiana served as the setting for this important event. Bishop Walter Grundorf, Presiding Bishop of the APA was chief consecrator. Bishops Chad Jones and Larry Shaver, along with myself, were co-consecrators. Bishop Giffin will serve as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Mid America.


A meeting of the ACA/APA Ecumenical Committee, chaired by Bishop Langberg, will meet from November 7-9 in Atlanta. This important committee will discuss a wide variety of issues related to our reconciliation. Issues such as canons, relations between clergy and parishes and the initial planning of our joint synod in 2014 are likely to be on the table. The committee's work will be instrumental in charting our future course of action as we learn how to "walk together" in our journey with Christ.




On October 6, a tribunal was convened by teleconference regarding Archbishop John Hepworth. Evidence was presented and, at the conclusion of the tribunal meeting, it was voted to expel Archbishop Hepworth from the College of Bishops and revoke his clerical licenses. Archbishop Hepworth may not serve as a bishop or priest in the TAC. This is very sad news, but necessary, given the circumstances. Those circumstances have not yet been made public. We certainly offer our prayers to Archbishop Hepworth in hopes that he may reconcile himself in some way to God's holy church.




Because of the recent death of Canon Henthorne, Father Jeff Monroe, who had served as Vice President of Logos House, was elected by the Board of Trustees to serve as the President and Acting Academic Dean. He and I have been in communication about the situation and I am confident that Father Monroe will, after a brief hiatus, have the program functioning effectively within a very short time. A series of planning meetings will be held over the next several months to expand the program and recruit new instructors and staff. All may be assured that the Logos House program will continue to provide solid instruction to those who look to the program to receive excellent instruction. His primary responsibilities over the next six months will be the development of revised business and educational plans for the seminary, expansion of faculty, expansion of financial resources, care of seminary assets and of most significance the continuation of course work for students currently enrolled in the program.




October 27. Holy Redeemer, Canandaigua, New York. Parish planning session.


October 28. Saint Paul's Parish, Brockton, Massachusetts. Episcopal visit and confirmation


November 7-9. Atlanta, Georgia. Meeting of the ACA/APA Ecumenical Committee. Bishop Langberg.


November 11. St. Augustine, Elizabeth, New Jersey. Episcopal visit and confirmation.


November 17. St. Nicholas, West Seneca, New York. Ordination.


December 1. Trinity Pro Cathedral, Rochester, New Hampshire. Ordination.


December 6-7. Clericus, Westfield, Massachusetts.


January 6, 2013. St. Elizabeth, Tuxedo, New York. Episcopal visit.


Blessings to you all!




Anglican Church in America