Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop

December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ,

Here is a brief monthly newsletter to bring you up-to-date during this Advent season. The Christmas message will be out to you in less than a week's time, but I would like to share a few bits of important news with you.,




Mr. Patrick Desrosiers and Mr. Harry Wellsman have passed their canonical examinations and will be ordained to the diaconate in early 2012. The Board of Examining Chaplains commends both men on their diligence and hard work. It is clear that God has called them to the service of His church in the office of deacon. A date for their ordination will be announced soon.,


Pastor William Alvarez of St. Augustine's Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey has also fulfilled all requirements for ordination to the diaconate. Pastor Alvarez, a Methodist minister with many years' service to the church, will be ordained at Elizabeth, New Jersey in 2012.,


Father Job Serebrov, an orthodox priest, has been approved initially by the Board of Examining Chaplains. Father Job has been in holy orders for over twenty years. He and his wife, Mari, currently live in Plainfield, New Hampshire. Father Job, in addition to his clerical career, is a lawyer who has worked in the national government. We welcome Father Job and Mari to our diocese.,




A Writ of Election has been issued for the Diocese of the Eastern United States. An Election Synod has been scheduled as the first order of business for the diocesan synod to be held on January 18, 2012 in Picayune, Mississippi. Please keep the diocese, its clergy, parishes and people in your prayers. This election will be the first episcopal election to be held in the ACA in over four years.




The Diocese of the Eastern United States will hold its annual synod in Picayune, Mississippi on January 18, 19 and 20, 2012. The host parish is Saint Barnabus Anglican Church. The Rector, Father Jonathan J. Filkins, and his parish are to be thanked for offering to host this important event. A confirmation and an ordination to the diaconate will be part of our gathering.,




Father John Vaughan, Vicar General of the DEUS, reports that a new mission has been organized in Orlando, Florida. St. Finbar's Anglican Mission held its first service on Rose Sunday, December 11. Although I had to look up Finbar in my dictionary of saints, Father Vaughan assures me that he was the patron saint of the City of Cork in Ireland.,




Bishop Daren Williams, fourth bishop ordinary of the Diocese of the West, retired last month after nearly six years in episcopal service. Bishop Williams had experienced several health issues in recent years and believed that retirement was in the best interest of the church. He will relocate to Wisconsin, where one of his daughters lives. We send our best wishes and prayers to +Daren and Joy. Bishop Williams, though retired from the duties of a Bishop Ordinary, will remain active in the House of Bishops. He will also continue to serve as chair of the national church's committee on education. In addition, Bishop Williams has expressed an interest in serving as Episcopal sponsor of any monastic orders that currently exist or may become active in the future.,




I am in the process of developing my 2012 visitation schedule in conjunction with Bishop Langberg. Because of my added responsibilities as Episcopal Visitor to the Diocese of the Eastern United States, Bishop Langberg has graciously offered to assist in visitations. We will issue a visitation schedule close to the first of the year. In the meantime, January's schedule looks like this:,


January 8. Episcopal visit to Holy Trinity, Waterville, Maine
January 17-21. DEUS synod in Picayune, Mississippi
January 28,29. Episcopal visit to St. Augustine, Elizabeth, New Jersey.


Finally, I know that some of you speculate on the national and international issues that often surface in blogs and even newspapers. All of you should know that our parishes and dioceses remain strong and vital. Even in this time of transition, I have been impressed by the strength of commitment shown by the clergy and people of the ACA. This is, after all, God's church and we seek to serve it with love.,


May I offer my blessings to you all during this holy time. Know that I keep all members of our wonderful church in my prayers.


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America