Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop

October 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Blessings to you as we approach All Saints' Day. It is a time when we remember all those in God's holy church, both visible and eternal, who contribute to the building of His holy church.


Recently, I was asked by a priest in this diocese about ministry to those who persist in sinful behavior, claiming their right, as Americans, to demand that the church condone activities that are plainly against Holy Scripture, Tradition and, yes, Reason. We need to recognize that, as wonderful as our country certainly is, it often condones adolescent behavior. Perhaps the rights of the individual give some people the sense that they have the freedom to do whatever they please. Clearly, more mature individuals regard the exercise of freedom as a gift to be used responsibly. That is the church's position as well.


In our often immature world, the church has the responsibility to teach the faith accurately and well, giving God's people the tools with which to model mature moral behavior. The church is often the only institution that can speak to the need for the society to grow up and grow beyond the impulse to overt self-indulgence. It is a considerable responsibility. It is also our gift to give to a world that needs it.


We have been given the gift of God's church by God Himself. And it has been preserved by all those who have come before us. Let us honor God and them in our own lives by what we do and say in the service of God's church.






Our recent Diocesan Synod was very successful and our thanks go out to Trinity Church, the Pro Cathedral of our diocese. The facility, worship and food were all exceptional. Many thanks to Father Williams and the staff of Trinity Church for their dedication and service.


Many thanks to Father Jim Hiles for his outstanding keynote address, which was given immediately after our synod banquet. Thanks to Bishop Langberg for his wonderful musical presentation. The music was great, the dancing often spirited.


One of the highlights of the synod was the reception of St. Augustine's Anglican Church of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Both Pastor William Alvarez and Senior Warden, Liz Nigrinis, gave moving speeches after the unanimous vote to accept the parish as a member of the Diocese of the Northeast. The parish was also presented with a new tabernacle through our Diocesan Mission Ministry, "Yorkie's Closet".


A meeting of the House of Laity, chaired by Kirby Wood, discussed several important issues of relevance to the diocese. Several individuals committed to a program of evangelism and church expansion. Bob Currier of All Saints offered to lead a group dedicated to outreach and evangelism.


The House of Clergy, under the chairmanship of Father Sam Logan, discussed issues of theology and ecclesiology, particularly as they related to recent canonical changes enacted by the National Synod.


The worship services were exceptionally well attended and received. The Thursday Evensong was accomplished in true Anglican grace and style. Synod Mass, which took place on Friday morning, was a wonderful expression of our Anglican traditions.




The final service of this year's synod took place on Saturday morning. At this service, Deacons Art Bennett and Dale Bove were elevated to the holy order of priesthood. We pray that their sacramental ministries are filled with the grace of God,




Our Diocesan Mission Ministry continues to support those missions and new clergy in need. The former St. Michael's Mission in Holderness, NH made a significant contribution to the Diocese of materials for Yorkie's Closet. We supplied a great deal of material to the new parish of St. Elizabeth's as well as items for numerous other clergy and missions throughout the Diocese including our Armed Forces overseas. While some material remains, many items including vestments have been depleted. We continue to ask parishes and clergy who no longer have need of items to send them along to the Diocese care of Fr. Monroe at St. Margaret's in Conway. We have some vestments, altar service items, prayer books, hymnals, VCR/DVD player, TV, copy machine, Sunday school material, Bibles (KJV and NIV) and some other supplies available. If you are in need, or have extra to spare, please contact Fr. Monroe ( or 207-799-5141) and let him know what you need or what you may have to offer. This is an important Diocesan ministry for our missions and new clergy and your continued support is appreciated.




During November, I will attend the synod of the Anglican Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, Florida from October 17 - 21. I will attend at the invitation of the Most Rev. Mark Haverland, presiding bishop of the ACC.


During the return trip, I will visit St. George's Anglican Church in Columbus, Georgia. While there, I will conduct by first official visit as episcopal visitor, which will involve confirmations and receptions.


On November 26 and 27, I will visit St. Margaret's Anglican Church. This will be a regularly-scheduled episcopal visit. We have reserved November 26 for ordinations, should any candidate be qualified and approved.




On November 3-5, I will attend the World Consultation of Continuing Anglican Churches in Brockton, Massachusetts. I have been scheduled to give the opening address on Thursday afternoon and to celebrate Mass on Friday morning. I encourage any and all, clergy and laity alike, to attend this gathering for as many sessions as you are able. It will involve prominent clergy and lay people from throughout the Continuum and I know it will be an exceptionally valuable event.


Please know of my prayers for you all.


Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America