Anglican Church in America
Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brian Marsh, Bishop

February 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

As we approach the end of Epiphanytide, it has not escaped our notice that Winter this year has been long and dreary. We have had much too much snow (for everyone but ardent Alpinists), ice like we haven't seen in years and temperatures that tease our hopes when briefly rising above freezing. We are tempted to cry: "how long, O God!"


Winter in New England is always something to be endured, but this year has tested our stamina.


Yet, despite our season travail, there is a message of hope this Epiphany. We remember that the magi traveled as well during the very dead of Winter. Their journey was long and arduous. No one knows what they endured during their travels. Still, they persevered; they persevered because of what they saw and what they knew. They looked to heaven and found a star to guide them. In the midst of the darkness, the bright light that would lead them to God kept them going. They knew that they were on a journey to God. God had given them a sign and they, if they would only follow that light, they would arrive at their destination. We know that they did. And we know what they found.


It is like that for us, particularly at this time of year. We will indeed emerge from the darkness and, if we follow the true light, the light of Christ, we will arrive at the destination promised for us.


It is God that we seek. Though sometimes our journey may be long, though it may include odd twists and strange turns, if we remain faithful to the constant star of God's love for us, we will find our way.

Your Brother in Christ,





Leadership Changes Likely at the National Level


Archbishop Louis Falk is contemplating retirement as President of the ACA House of Bishops. He made the announcement during a teleconference with the House of Bishops several months ago. It is expected that a new president will be elected at the ACA House of Bishops meeting in April. The new president will be drawn from one of the current diocesan bishops. Bishop Louis Campese has stepped down as Bishop Ordinary of the ACA Diocese of the Eastern United States , effective January 27, 2011. A new bishop will be elected to serve the DEUS at in the near future. Episcopal oversight is being provided by Bishops Marsh, Strawn and Williams to parishes and missions of the DEUS until a new bishop is elected. The Anglican Church in America extends heartfelt thanks to both Archbishop Falk and Bishop Campese. These two leaders have given much time and effort to the building of God's church. For nearly forty years, these two clergymen have provided leadership to the Continuing Anglican jurisdictions.


Logos House of Theological Studies


The seminary which serves the ACA as well as several other traditional Anglican jurisdictions had 46 students enrolled in deacon and priest programs in 2010.
29 students were in the Diocese of the Northeast and an additional 18 students are in other ACA Dioceses and other jurisdictions. The seminary recently completed its new library building which is located on the campus of St. Thomas Anglican Church in Ellsworth, Maine. The building holds a collection exceeding 10,000 volumes including a number of rare editions related to Holy Scripture, theology and church history. A course catalog is available from the Dean of the seminary (207) 326-4120.


IAF News


The International Anglican Fellowship, headed by Peter Thomas of St. Margaret of Scotland Church in Conway, NH will be undertaking a significant fund raising campaign in the next several weeks. The IAF serves as a conduit for financial assistance for missionary work, medical facilities and church-building in South Africa, Guatemala, India, Zambia and other locations around the world. It has supported the building of churches and aid to ministry in a number of the 44 nations where Traditional Anglican Churches are located. It recently led a campaign to raise funds for Haitian Relief efforts. Contributions are always welcome. Further information is available at


National Synod Announcement


The next National Synod of the Anglican Church in America is scheduled for September 21-23 at Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois.

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The Rev. Mr. Franklin Bartlett will, by the grace of God, be ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on Saturday, February 12 at Trinity Anglican Church, the Pro-Cathedral of the Diocese of the Northeast. The service will begin at 11:00 a.m.



Our March Clericus will be held at Graymoor in Garrison, New York on March 17 and 18. This clericus gathering will include both clergy and laity. Wardens and other representatives of our diocesan family are welcomed at this annual gathering of clergy and laity. A theme for this year will be "Ethics in the Parish Setting." There will be an opportunity for the Houses of clergy and laity to meet. Mass will be celebrated on Friday morning. Please contact Deacon Moody for registration information (

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Diocesan Training Program for Clergy


Our third annual clergy training program will be held June 12-17 in Alfred, Maine. Information will be forthcoming very shortly from our registrar, Archdeacon Koller. Our two previous sessions have been extremely successful and all postulants, candidates and clergy are encouraged to attend. The instruction, chapel worship and fellowship are all excellent aspects of this program. This program is also open to lay people.


St. Luke's Summer Camp for Children


The dates are set for this year's Summer camp. St. Luke's Camp will be held at New England Keswick on August 14-20. Deacon Rich Dibble will once again serve as our Camp Director extraordinaire. Registration information will be made available within the next few months. Scholarship support is available when necessary and may be requested from Diocesan Treasurer, Kathy Lippman.


Father Webb to Serve St. Luke's


The Rev. Alexander H. "Hendy" Webb has been appointed to a one-year term as Interim Vicar at St. Luke's Anglican Church in Amherst, New Hampshire. His appointment will begin on Ash Wednesday. He replaces Father Christian Tutor of All Saints Concord who has served the parish for over a year as Interim Vicar and leaves with the deepest appreciation and good wishes of the people and parish of St. Luke's. Father Webb is a graduate of General Theological Seminary with an M.Div degree and a 1973 graduate of Amherst College. He and his wife Elizabeth, live in Peterborough, NH. He was canonically resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts until recently and is a licensed counselor.
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