Anglican Church in America


Diocese of the Northeast

Rt. Rev. Brain Marsh, Bishop

O MOST merciful Father, who hast blessed the labours of the husbandman in the returns of the fruits of the earth; We give thee humble and hearty thanks for this thy bounty; beseeching thee to continue thy loving-kindness to us, that our land may still yield her increase, to thy glory and our comfort; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thanksgiving 2010 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ-

            Allow me to take a moment to offer my thanksgiving for all of you and to express my deepest appreciation for all of your efforts in advancing the work of the Lord through His Holy Church.  We are a family in Christ and while we often struggle to bring the Gospel to a world that has become self centered and less focused on God, we know He is with us in our lives and is ever faithful, and we should be ever thankful.  Those who founded our nation and established a special day to thank God for our blessings recognized the importance of expressing our appreciation to our heavenly Father for the blessings of this land and all we have to enjoy.

            For us, every day should begin with our thanksgiving for all we have been blessed with in our lives.  Everyday is another day to glorify Him in our works through faith.  No matter the challenge before us, we know Our Lord and Savior is with us.  We have so much to be thankful for!

            So, as we gather on this special day, from me and my family, a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all!



Anglican Church in America