Anglican Church in America

Diocese of the Northeast
Rt. Rev. Brain Marsh, Bishop
October 2010 Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Blessings to you all!
This October newsletter will focus on synod activities, offering a recap of our activities at that always joyous event. It will also call attention to upcoming activities in our diocese. We should always hold each other in prayer as we do the work of the church. Ordinations, installations, baptisms, confirmations, weddings and other essential ceremonies of the church are important markers on our journey through this temporal life. We use these markers to identify and clarify our journey. In a similar way, we should be ever mindful of our place in the cycle of the church year. Trinity season will come to a close very soon. Indeed, it is just about seventy days until Christmas. Seventy days is hardly enough time to prepare for the Incarnation of Our Lord.

Easter is somewhat different; we are given more time to get ready for the most important celebration of our church year. Indeed, when we include the pre-Lenten weeks, we allow ourselves seventy days to prepare for Easter.

Time is indeed of essence in our lives as Christians. God has measured out our days and knows their value. So should we. Just as each day is precious in the Lord's eyes, so should it be for us. Each day is indeed part of God's creation. Let us use every one to the glory of God. Let us use each day to serve God and to serve our fellow Christians.

Has it ever occurred to you that God has called you to the precise time and place in which you find yourself? It may well be that your ministry is all around you, just waiting for you to recognize the ministry that God is offering you. We may consider ourselves fortunate indeed if we have discovered our separate and distinct ministries in the specific world and among the very people with whom we live and work.

It is my prayer that we may all use the moments of our days to express our love for God and for each other in the fullest way possible.


Our synod was a very fine event and I thank all who participated. Special thanks to Father Christian Tutor, Angie Miller and the host parishes of All Saints and St. Luke's. You have done the diocese proud!

Some of the highlights of Synod Nineteen:

The Standing Committee met at noontime on September 23 in the Radisson Hotel. This meeting signals the beginning of synod activities. The Standing Committee typically reviews the state of the diocese from all aspects: budget, parishes, education, mission, etc.

The first reception for postulants and candidates was a very successful event. Six current postulants attended, as did all members of the Standing Committee and many delegates and family members. Indeed, so many people showed up for this event, the hospitality suite was packed.

But that didn't prevent Buffalo Bill (courtesy of Deacon Bennett) from making an appearance. Replete with six gun and Bible, he made it very clear that his mission would be to defend the faith. Word has it he also made a short but frightening appearance on our diocesan website ("hands off my diocese," or something like that).

Thursday evening's "pasta buffet" was a huge hit, especially since not a strand of pasta made an appearance. For some reason, the entire menu got a big upgrade. This pleased just about everyone. The two of you who really wanted pasta, may receive a pasta lunch directly from the bishop. In order to claim the lunch, however, you will need to drive to Belchertown.

Following Thursday's dinner, the bishop delivered his report to synod. The theme he chose for this synod was: "Unity in Jesus Christ." The address may be accessed through our diocesan website.

After the bishop's speech, Jane Cormier presented a performance of "Teresa: The Inner Song" to great applause. Her acting and singing were both truly wonderful. Jane is available to perform her solo production to parishes that wish her to visit. This would be an excellent opportunity for outreach or fund-raising.

Following the play, Bishop Langberg entertained the synod audience with his singing. Bishop Langberg has been offering his gifts of song to several synod gatherings. He has a wide repertoire of songs and his presentation was an excellent conclusion to a productive and enriching day. While all the songs were very well received, the most stirring piece of the evening was a song about a certain surgeon.

Synod Mass was held at The Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church. Father Robert Smolley, a good friend of the diocese, graciously offered his parish church for the event. The sanctuary, consistent with the Byzantine tradition, has an iconostasis. It was the first time that many of us had celebrated Mass behind an iconostasis. The Mass was a truly memorable event and a wonderful way to start the business portion of our synod.

The business meeting is always an important part of synod, as it provides us a forum in which to transact the necessary business of the diocese.

Allan Wylie, Vice Chairman of the House of Laity, prepared a bulletin that included most of the reports required by synod. This allowed us to review the reports ahead of time and vote on the reports as a whole. This was a great time saver and allowed that portion of the synod to move forward smoothly and efficiently. Many thanks to Allan.

Diocesan Treasurer, Kathy Lippman, presented a balanced budget to the diocese. This was passed unanimously. Kathy noted that we are doing much better this year; receipts are moving in the right direction and the deficit for 2010 has been reduced over previous years. It was noted, however, that our projected surplus is very modest; any unforeseen expenses could tip the balance, spilling red ink once again.

Prior to lunch, a lively discussion ensued about two proposed canons. Those of us who were there will never forget this somewhat humorous (in retrospect, at least) discussion. Following lunch, the motion was tabled. We may revisit these canons next year.

Shortly before the end of the synod, a resolution was presented that asked the bishop to deliver a proposed inter-communion agreement between the ACA and the APA to the House of Bishops. This was passed by a near unanimous vote. Subsequently, the proposal was carried to the ACA House of Bishops.

The synod banquet was held at 6:00 p.m. The food was excellent, as was the camaraderie.

The Rt. Rev. Walter Grundorf was featured speaker. Bishop Grundorf gave an excellent keynote address, in which he recognized many old friends in the audience. He encouraged greater unity among Anglicans.

Mr. Douglas Williams and Attorney Gene Van Voris were each presented the Walter Kilian medal in recognition of their long service to their parish, diocese and national church.

Twenty-six people gathered for Morning Prayer in the hospitality suite. Father Owen Williams officiated.

ST. MARGARET OF SCOTLAND. On Sunday, November 14, The Rev. Jeffrey Monroe will be installed as fifth rector of St. Margaret of Scotland Church in Conway, New Hampshire. Please keep Father Monroe, Linda and the parish in your prayers as they all begin this new chapter.

TRINITY PRO-CATHEDRAL. Bishop Marsh will make his annual episcopal visit to Trinity Pro-Cathedral on Sunday, December 12.

STANDING COMMITTEE. The Standing Committee will meet on January 22, 2011 at the home of Kathy Lippman in Palmer, Massachusetts. Mass will be at 10:00 a.m. Snow date: January 29.

Please keep Father Ted Bolduc in your prayers. Ted+ was hospitalized recently, but is now at home. He has requested prayers for he and his family.

Father Jeff Monroe was elected to a term on the Standing Committee. He will begin his service officially in January.

CHRIST CHURCH ANGLICAN and ST FRANCIS MISSION were both received as new missions of the diocese. We welcome them to our diocesan family and pray for their growth.

ST. LUKE'S in Amherst, New Hampshire will soon announce the formal search process for a new rector. The parish has completed an initial questionnaire and parish profile.

ST. JOSEPH in Brooklyn, NY is currently being served by interim clergy, following the resignation of Father Carlton Clarke. Archdeacon Alan Koller and Canon Neville Brathwaite are providing administrative and pastoral care to this parish during its time of transition.

ST. THOMAS in Ellsworth, Maine is undertaking the next phase of its building program. Father Henthorne reports that the bell tower is nearing completion. As of today, it is thirty feet high and will reach an eventual height of forty-five feet. A bell has been donated and will be installed once the tower structure is finished. An ambulatory will be constructed between the tower and the present church building. That building will eventually become the parish hall once the new church building is constructed.

ST. MATTHIAS has continued its mission in the Southern Connecticut area. Under the able and imaginative leadership of Merrill Perkins, the mission is serving God faithfully.

Mike Cupoli continues his studies at seminary in Philadelphia. Synod, Deo Gratias, Trinity/Rochester and several individuals have been generous in their support to Mike and our future clergy. Many thanks for all who have contributed. We have made an excellent start, but our work is not yet over. We will need to develop additional means of supporting those who offer themselves to the service of God's holy church.

If you haven't seen out diocesan website, please do so. It is garnering all sorts of positive feedback - both national and international! Many thanks to our new webmaster Bonnie Turner and all who helped assemble this outstanding site.
Bonnie is working with each parish and mission to make sure they have a web page.  Please work with her to insure your web pages are kept up to date if you already have a web site, that they are properly linked.

My latest pastoral letter was issued just yesterday. It has been sent to all names that appear on the diocesan address list. It has also been included on the diocesan website.

As I often mention, within the diocese there is much that happens in any given month. If I have been unaware of or have forgotten to include any important information, please let me know. I will send out an addendum.

Please also know that I will be away for a few days next week. I have been invited to lead a retreat in the Fresno, California area. I will depart at noon on Monday, October 18 and return on Thursday evening, November 21. Please keep me in your prayers during my travels.

As always, know that you are in my prayers.

Your Brother in Christ,



Anglican Church in America