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Directories and Schedules


Diocesan Slate 2010-2011

DNE Clergy rev 2017

DNE Postulants and Candidates 01-19-11

Episcopal Visits 2016

Parish Directory 2017


Additional Contacts

Bishop Ordinary: Rt Rev Brian R Marsh
all mail to: 21 Sherwood Drive, Belchertown, MA 01007
Office of the Bishop
1 Main Street, Belchertown MA
(413)323-7869, Fax: (413) 323-9600
Rt Rev Brian R Marsh


Bishop emeritus: Rt Rev George Langberg
616 Eagle Valley Rd, Tuxedo, NY 10987
Rt Rev George Langberg


Bishop Suffragan: The Very Rev. Dr. Alexander Henderson Webb, Rector

Dr. Alexander Henderson Webb


Secretary: Linnea Shaver
544 Eagle Valley Road, Tuxedo, NY 10987
(845) 753-2024
Linnea Shaver


Treasurer: Katherine Lippman
189 Shearer St, Palmer, MA 01069
(413) 427-3442
Katherine Lippman


Chancellor: Walter W Jones, Jr
70 S Main St, Canandaigua, NY 14424
(585) 394-2665, Fax: (585) 394-3169
Walter W Jones, Jr



President of the House of Laity
Allan Wylie
PO Box 53
South Strafford VT 05070


Canon Missioner for the Diocese of the Northeast
Father James Hurd
1 Main Street Belchertown, MA 01007
Phone: (413) 273-1415
Father James Hurd


Editor Northeast Anglican
Ed Pacht
223 Wyandotte Falls, Rochester NH 03967
Ed Pacht


Standing Committee:
Fr. Owen Williams
Kirby Wood


Executive Council of the ACA:
Peter Thomas
Fr. Hendy Webb


DNE Officers:
Chancellor, Walter Jones
Secretary, Linnea Shaver
Treasurer, Kathy Lippman


Safe Environment Coordinator:
Fr. Christian Tutor


Board of Examining Chaplains:

Fr. Hendy Webb
Fr. Owen Williams


Diocesan Court of the Ordinary:
Allan Wylie


Marriage Tribunal:
Fr. Christian Tutor
Chancellor Walter Jones


Anglican Church in America