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The Search and Call process
We are currently searching for a priest for St. Mary of the Angels in Hollywood, CA. I've created a landing page on the parish website that gives a brief overview and contact information. Can you please add this to the Open Positions section on the ACA website? Here's the link:


Tuxedo, New York

St. Elizabeth Anglican Church in Tuxedo, New York is seeking a priest to serve its parish.


St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church worships in a lovely stone building in a beautiful wooded area of Tuxedo, New York.


The parish also has the use of a parish house across from the church. The parish is stable and dedicated to serve the work of God. Currently, the parish is being served by interim clergy.

This would be an ideal cure for bi-vocational or retired clergy or priests who also serve as hospital chaplains. Tuxedo is within commuting distance of New York City and other major metropolitan areas.

Interested clergy should contact the Most Reverend Brian R. Marsh, Bishop Ordinary at:







St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church in Scarborough, Maine is seeking a deacon or a retired or bi-vocational priest to serve its parish. Scarborough is a small, coastal Maine town just south of the Portland urban area. The parish is nine-years old and ready to enter a phase of true growth and development. For most of its history, St. Augustine’s has been served by temporary clergy but we are now seeking permanent clergy for services, visiting shut-ins and strengthening our presence in the community. The Parish Profile is available on the parish web site, which fully describes who we are and what we are looking for.

Interested clergy should contact the Most Reverend Brian R. Marsh, Bishop Ordinary at:




The Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America, is actively seeking men who have a call to holy orders.


Men of any age are called by God to serve His church.


If you would like to speak with someone about your call to serve God's church, please contact
Canon Alexander H. Webb





The Search and Call process involves the following steps:


1. first, the parish must say goodbye to its parish priest, he to the parish (nothing further should happen until this has been done);

2. a parish profile must be developed, a profile that includes input from all members of the congregation;

3. resumes and CVs are then collected by the bishop's office and candidates who meet the pastoral and educational requirements are referred to the parish search committee;

4. Interviews are arranged by the parish in conjunction with the search committee;

5. in concert with the bishop, a call is issued.


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